Recording of the Mass in Spanish

The following are MP3 audio files that contain the Mass in Spanish. The service is from the Libro de Oracion Comun - Spanish version of the Book of Common Prayer. (The page numbers are keyed to the El Buen Pastor Mass booklet.) You will need software that can play the MP3 audio files. For example, version 6 of Windows Media Player should work.

The first set of files (15 files) has a slow speed delivery of the Spanish to help a non-Spanish speaker learn the Mass. The second set of files (15 files) has a normal speed delivery. There is also a ZIP file for each set of audio files to allow you to download all the audio files at one time.

If you wish to download the MP3 file(s) and/or the ZIP file(s), RIGHT-CLICK the link(s) and select the "Save target as ..." option.

Madre Anna